Direct Mail is the
Missing Ingredient
in Your Marketing

Direct Mail improves response rates
of other channels up to 450%

As a business owner, you know how difficult it
can be to find the time for consistent, effective
direct mail marketing. That’s where Mail Shark® comes in...

...We’ll help you choose the right products and mailing options based on your restaurant marketing goals. You’ll work with a direct mail expert every step of the way to make the most of your budget and maximize your results.

Don’t wait to get the conversation started! Because we take care of every aspect of your direct mail - from design to delivery - it can take several weeks for your pieces to reach their destination. Let's discuss how your restaurant can grow with direct mail!

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Direct Mail Services

Services that Accomplish Your Goals

Direct mail can help you achieve any marketing goal. Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, retain existing ones, raise brand awareness, or enhance customer relationships, our services will help you accomplish your goals.

Mail Everyone
in an Area

For businesses that want to get their mail in front of as many eyes as possible, geographic targeting with a saturation mailing is the best option.

  • Announce grand openings
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Market products anyone can use
Saturation Example
Mail a Specific

To reach a specific audience by demographics, psychographics or other granular targeting, we suggest targeted mailings.

  • Mail to your current customer list
  • Target specific niche audiences
  • New mover or birthday mailings
Targeted Example
Mailing List
Mailing Lists

Get 2 cents off every piece you mail when you provide your own mailing list. For customers sending direct mail through us, we provide high-quality mailing lists. Our all-inclusive list price is for one-time use lists. If you want to use the list more than once, let us know and we can give you a price for your list.

US Map
No Blackout Markets

Mail anywhere in the United States. Don’t limit yourself to predefined mailing areas or regional circulations. We can reach every address in the country without restrictions, giving you the ability to target prospects anywhere. We can reach Hawaii and Alaska too, but the cost may be a little higher. 

Over 126 Million Households
More than 28 Million Businesses

Mailing Strategies

Compare Options to See What Fits Your Needs

Every business and campaign is different. From one-time mailings to annual programs that drive new business all year long, we’ve got a mailing strategy to fit your needs.

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After your call, we’ll give you a no-obligation quote and send you a media kit containing pricing and samples of each of our products.

What Our Customers Say

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Direct Mail Products

Professional marketing materials help you make a lasting impression on your prospects. Our pieces are all standalone, which means they’re not stuffed in an envelope. Why is this good for you? Your direct mail piece is never hidden and your message is always front and center.

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What types of direct mail products do you offer?
Products We Offer
  • Brochures
  • Menus
  • Postcards
  • Magnet Postcards
  • Interactive Postcards
  • Door Hangers (Print Only)
  • Box Toppers (Print Only)
Products We Don't Offer
  • Letters
  • Envelope Mailers
  • Catalogs and Circulars
  • Inserts and Wraps
  • Parcels and Dimensional Mailers
Do I need to create my own artwork?

No. We have a team of over 40 professional designers on staff who will create custom direct mail pieces for your business.

However, if you have your own artwork or a design you’d like us to use, we can recreate it for you at no extra charge.

Can I provide my own mailing list?

Absolutely. In fact, we offer a discount of 2 cents per piece when you use your own mailing list. If you don’t have a mailing list, we’ll acquire a great one for you.

Can you mail pieces I’ve already had printed?

Yes. However, there are some conditions.

  1. Your pieces must meet USPS mailing requirements.
  2. Your pieces cannot have another company’s indicia (marking used on address labels as a substitute for a stamp) on them.
  3. We will only mail your existing pieces one time. Future mailings would have to be printed and mailed by us.
Are there minimum order quantities?

The majority of our products have a minimum order quantity of 5000.

Birthday and New Mover Postcards do not have a minimum since they are part of a special marketing program. For these products, you pay a flat rate of $0.90 per postcard mailed each month. There are no minimums.

How soon can my pieces be in homes?

Because we take care of everything for you - from mailing list acquisition and design to printing and delivery - it takes some time for your pieces to reach their destination. The whole process can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on a variety of factors.

The artwork process can be the most time-consuming factor. If you’re taking advantage of our free custom design services, the whole process can take between 5 and 8 weeks depending on the number of revisions to your piece. If you come to us with print-ready artwork, it can take as little as 3-4 weeks to receive your pieces or have them delivered to homes.

Grow with Direct Mail

Get started below. It can take several weeks to get your direct mail to its destination, so don't wait - get the conversation started today!

What happens next?

Your dedicated sales rep will call you to make sure we understand your needs. If you are interested in moving forward, then we’ll mail you a no-obligation quote and a media kit containing pricing and samples of each of our products.