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Who is Mail Shark?

Mail Shark is more than a direct mail company - we’re an extension of your marketing team. Over the past decade, we’ve helped countless franchise organizations and independent auto shops meet their marketing goals with custom direct mail solutions.

A big part of our success - and our clients’ success - is that we do everything in-house. From expert consulting and professional design to commercial printing and postal expertise, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your direct mail needs. This full-service approach allows us to offer unbeatable pricing and unmatched customer service.

I look forward to earning your trust and showing you how Mail Shark can help grow your car count with affordable and effective direct mail.

- Brian Johnson, Mail Shark President

How to Grow Your Car Count Every Week

  1. Choose a Product

    Oversized Postcard Product example

    Example: 5.5″ × 10.5″ Oversized Postcard

  2. Choose a Mailing Area

    Map with location pins

    This determines your quantity. (Ex: 5,000 Addresses)

  3. Choose a Schedule

    Calendars with checkmarks

    Number of weeks to mail & pay over. (Example: 8 Weeks)

Example Weekly Mailing

Based on the example above, we would take the total cost and quantity of your mailing and divide it evenly over an 8-week period. This means we’d mail 625 postcards per week and bill you $250 per week for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks of mailing, all 5,000 addresses have received your postcard. Keep in mind, you can choose any direct mail product, quantity, and mailing schedule you want.

Only $250 Week
Weekly Mailing Schedule Example Weekly Mailing Schedule Example

Are You Ready to Grow Your Car Count All Year Long?

Example Automotive Annual Mailing Program

An auto shop with a budget of $232 a week could choose the following mix of campaigns, products, mailing areas, quantities, and mailing weeks. To determine the weekly payment, we would take the total cost for all 6 campaigns and divide it evenly over 52 weeks. We’d then spread each 5,000-piece campaign over 8 weeks, mailing 625 pieces per week for a total of 48 weeks. At the end of the year, all 5,000 addresses would receive six different mailers.

Only $232/Week No Money Down
Weekly Mailing Schedule Example Weekly Mailing Schedule Example

*Pricing is based on product selection shown. Pricing varies based on product selection.

Why Mail Weekly?

car icon

Easier to Manage Your Car Count

By spreading out your mailing, you can rely on a steadier return over time, rather than a rush of new cars all at once. This helps you manage the number of cars that come through your bays so you can easily service all of your new and existing customers.

money icon

Weekly Payments Fit Your Budget

By spreading the cost of your direct mail campaign over 8 weeks, we make it easier to fit marketing into your weekly budget. You’ll start to see a return on your investment before you’ve even finished paying for your campaign.

Prove Your ROI

Proving the ROI of your direct mail is the best way to determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s why we offer services to help tie your results back to your campaigns.

phone icon

Call Tracking

Call tracking is a reliable and efficient way to gather data about your leads and customers. Listen to phone calls, measure response rates, and gain valuable insights to improve campaigns.

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Matchback Reporting

Matchback reporting is a simple way to gauge the impact of your campaigns. After your campaign is done, we compare the sales data you provide to your mailing list to measure ROI.

Why Choose Mail Shark?

  • We get started with no money down.
  • We run a penetration report to locate your customers.
  • We design your pieces for free with unlimited revisions.
  • We provide your mailing list.
  • We print and address your mail pieces.
  • We pay your postage and mail your pieces.
  • We spread your payments out over your mailing weeks.
  • We provide matchback reporting to prove ROI.

Direct Mail Products

Here's What Some of
Our Customers Have to Say


How do the payments work?

You pay no money down or up front. No matter what program you choose, your first payment is due the week before delivery of your mailers, when postage is paid. Your weekly payment is the total cost of your direct mail campaign divided by the number of weeks of mailings.

Weekly Mailing = total cost/# of weeks, due weekly over # of weeks

Annual Mailing = total cost/52 weeks, due weekly over 52 weeks

Why are there 50 weeks of mailings but 52 weeks of payments?

There are two weeks of your choosing where mailings will not go out. Our clients usually choose the weeks of July 4th and Christmas when business is slower. We simply spread the payments out over 52 weeks to assist with cash flow.

Are there any additional fees for artwork, taxes, postage, etc.?

No. Our prices are all-inclusive and include professional design work, the mailing list, printing, mailing services, postage, and taxes. There are no hidden fees.

Can I end my annual mailing program prior to its completion?

Yes. The annual program is designed for consistency and results, not to lock you into additional mailings.

We have two pricing structures: our annual weekly mailing pricing, and our a la carte rates. Our annual pricing is a reduced pricing structure you receive when you sign up for an annual program. Our a la carte pricing is what you’d pay if you chose to mail any quantity of pieces not associated with an annual program.

If you choose to end your contract prior to its completion, you will only be charged for the pieces we have printed and mailed for you to date. You will be charged the difference between the annual pricing and the a la carte pricing. This isn’t a penalty; you are simply paying the same rate you would have paid if you had chosen to do those mailings as a la carte rather than annual. After you pay the difference, your contract is canceled with no further obligation.

What if I want to mail everything at one time?

You can always mail a campaign over a one week period. You would just owe one payment for the campaign since there are no additional weeks to spread your payments over.

Can I mail my pieces over more than 10 weeks?

Yes. However, for campaigns that run more than 10 weeks, we ask that you pay the cost of the printing up front. Your weekly payments would then be determined by dividing the remainder of the cost by the number of weeks you’re mailing over.