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Mail Shark is a full-service print and direct mail company specializing in helping auto repair shops and tire dealers increase their car count and customer base. We know trust is important for auto shops, and it’s important for us, too. That’s why we’ve spent the last 11 years focused on yesterday’s values – transparency, honesty, and integrity – for an old-school sensibility in modern times.

How We Grow Your Car Count

We’ve covered the types of mailers we offer and our strategy for growing your car count. But how do we put this into action? Select a number to view a snapshot of our process.

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1. We Intake Your Marketing Goals

The first step towards a successful campaign is making sure we understand your shop’s unique needs. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will get to know you and what you want to accomplish. They’ll then help you figure out where your current customers are coming from and get you the perfect mailing list. All this will help ensure the engine runs smoothly once we get going.

2. We Sync Up Your Goals with Your Budget

Your account manager will work with you to choose the right mailing strategy based on your goals and budget. They’ll balance reach (the number of prospects you target with your message) and frequency (the number of times you touch each person with your message) to ensure you’re hitting the right people the right number of times. The right balance of reach and frequency helps you make the most of your direct mail investment.

3. We Supercharge Your Marketing with a Variety of Pieces

We’ll consult with you to choose the right products for your campaigns based on your shop’s unique marketing objectives. Our extensive selection of exciting products help you stand out from your competition and dominate the mailbox.

4. We Accelerate Your Campaign with a Great Design

The visuals and language on your pieces are key to your direct mail success. We’ll make sure your design looks professional and that your piece is eye-catching and easy to understand. We’ll also provide a strategic coupon analysis to make sure you’re offering the best deals that will get you the response you expect.

5. We Guide Your Pieces Through Production

Once you’ve approved your design, the pros on our production team get to work printing, cutting, folding, and addressing your pieces. USPS employees at our in-house post office then verify them to get you the maximum number of postage discounts before your pieces leave our facility on their way to mailboxes.

6. We Help You See If You’re Gaining Traction

Once your pieces are delivered, it’s time for a quick inspection. We’ll help you assess the effectiveness of your campaigns by getting you a unique call tracking phone number and conducting matchback reporting based on your sales figures. This helps you tie your results back to your campaigns, so you know your marketing dollars are being well spent.

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